Vivere company

Vivere company


What is The Vivere Company about? 


The Vivere Company is a Youth Powered Brand Management and PR Agency. An entertainment inclined company with a team made up of young social media experts, image consultants, content creators, perception managers. 

The company is setup to be the intermediary between a product/service and the potential customers. Branding the product in the best possible specification that meets the customers’ need and at the same time giving the product/service adequate media exposure. 

Africa’s population is predominantly young and under 35. The Vivere Company being youth powered is capable of influencing its target audience because of its already existing network and good working relationship of its personnel and our media directory. 


What does The Vivere Company do? 

The Vivere Company specializes in: 


  • Consultancy  

  • Branding and Advertising 

  • Social PR/Publicity 

  • Brand Management 

  • Content Management 

  • Image Solutions 


    Every personnel under the company are specifically selected based on their level of influence, digital and corporate communication skills as well as networking skills. 

    Nigeria’s digital workspace is unlike any other, severely fragmented. The Vivere Company understands the ruckus of this digital workspace and therefore puts your brand at the centre for effective and result driven campaigns. 



    The Vivere Vision:  

    To become the leading youth PR agency achieving the best possible solutions for clients and consumers and being the front desk of the youth market. 



    The Vivere Mission: 

    To provide the best possible marketing exposure for our clients and consumers, putting the brand first on all media levels and having the reputation to keep your brand floating.