Hey there! Here is another new post for the week and this week, I am going to be talking about FASHION MESSAGING which help pass message across through INSCRIPTIONS / TRADEMARKS.

Originally used by brands for business purposes, inscriptions are now used by people to get their messages out there or to share how they feel without having to speak.

Usually, inscriptions and trademark go mostly with the casual type of outfit but as it is now fashion is evolving and one can never tell what would discovered next so it one could say it can be incorporated with the glamy kind of outfit.

So there are different types of texts that can be printed on t-shirts, bags, hats or any other piece of clothing. They include:

☆The Branded Name

☆Fun, Cryptic & Sarcastic Text

☆Plain Text.


The Branded Name

This is used by brands to represent themselves. Many brands make clothing with their logo on it and we the consumer purchase it because we love the brand and because of their unique designs like the branded DXS t-shirt and cap below




Fun Text

Sometimes, brands use mood texts instead of only their emblems. These messages sometimes pass fun ideas across like “YOLO”, “SLAYER”, “PARTY ALL NIGHT” or they go cryptic and codify their ideas. Personally i like the cryptic text because it’s mysterious and leaves people guessing. The sarcastic text just like it’s name suggests also passes sarcastic messages across.



Plain Text

These are just inscriptions that passes across the literal meaning of whatever the inscription or text says. It can be used to create awareness about a situation or an event or used to promote a particular movement.



Hope you enjoyed reading this article as much a I enjoyed writing it. Till next time!