Hey! Do you ever get excited when someone thinks they have seen all of your outfit but then you change your posture and there is something else behind?

Well, it’s a good feeling if you haven’t experienced such. It’s makes you feel like you and your style are totally unpredictable. So I’ll be sharing a few ideas on how to leave a lasting back impression!

1. Highlow

Although, it doesn’t possess the mystery factor of this trend because the frontal is usually high up and the back is usually very low (long) but the fact that the two sides are unequal and possess different features is enough for it to fit into this trend and the best part is that it never fails. When in a statement making doubt, one can easily opt for this.


2. Deep Plunging

This style can go two ways. It can either be plunging both at the front and at the back or have an enclosed frontal and then the deep plunging back. This style can go with skirts, pants, shorts literally anything. The factors to be put into consideration would be the fabric type, colour and the look one is willing to achieve ultimately.screenshot_2016-04-27-09-18-15-1

3. Bow Back

I really think for this look, one should keep everything else simple. As seen in the photo, Veronica opted for denim and chelsea boots and a long sleeve plain top. Basically, the bow is the deciding factor in the entire look.


4. Deep U Cut Back

Dresses really flow with this style. It’s a way of accentuating both the back and the waist. To pull off this look, one must be confident about one’s body and be ready to flaunt it. With that out of way, there should be any problem trying to rock the look.


5.  Fringe

Fringe is really big this season and anyone can attest to the fact being every accessory there is has been incorporated with fringe. From bags to shoes to tops to jackets. Let’s chat on jackets for a sec, we see fringe on jacket sleeves and tips and even shoulder parts but one would least expect fringe at the back. As seen in the photo, a fringe leather jacket is always a statement maker regardless of where the fringe falls.


6.  Back Knot

Back knot is a little similar to the back bow. The difference between both is that the beau is usually very big and attached to the clothing but the knot is made from the ropes at edge of each sides of the clothing. It  should be neatly tied to form the perfect knot and it is a perfect streetstyle outfit.


Hope you enjoyed reading that. Feel free to drop comments, suggestions & questions.

Till next time!